PBS KIDS Writers Contest 2014

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2014 KLRU Local Winners


3rd place
Celeste B.
“My Treehouse”

2nd place
Brendan B.
“The Lucky Leprechaun”

1st place
Paarth B.
“How I Got My First Cast”

1st Grade

3rd place
Keri C.
“Polly’s Pollen”

3rd place
Michelle H.
“The Naughty Puppy”

2nd place
Jose Carlos F.
“The Magic Castle”

1st place
Christian G.
“Bryan the Carrot Goes to the Fair!”

2nd Grade

3rd place
Julia G.
“Monkey Business”

2nd place
Jill N.
“Fred Meets Friends”

1st place
Aidan D.
“Fat Cat the Zookeeper”

3rd Grade

3rd Place
Bryan B.
“Journey To Earth”

2nd Place
Niranjana N.
“The Insecure Square”

1st Place
Campbell C.
“Kapi and the Art of Friendship”